Transaction data - Compare areas

The "Compare areas" page allows you to run transaction queries that compare two or more suburbs. This page can be accessed by clicking on the "Transaction Data" tab at the top of the home page and then clicking on "Compare areas".

Selecting your areas

The first step in running a query is to choose the areas you wish to compare. You are able to select as many areas as you want. Start by selecting a particular metro area and then choose suburbs from within that metro. You can change your metro selection to compare suburbs from different metro areas. In the example below Athlone and Belhar have been selected form the Cape Town metro area, and Alexandra has been selected form the Johannesburg metro area.

compare area image 1

Performing your query

After choosing your areas you can then select the query parameters. You can either select "Number of Transactions" or "Average Sales Price". You can also choose the time period over which you are interested.

In the image below the number of transactions over the time period 2004-2009 has been selected.

The next step involves adding any filters you wish to include in the query. You can filter on property characteristics, transaction details, bond details, and general data filters.

Note that in order to filter on bond details you must select the "Bonded" field under "Transaction Details".

In the example shown below, a filter was placed on erf sizes of 200m2 or less.

compare area image 2

Query results

Once all parameters and filters have been selected, click on the "Submit Query" button. This will bring up a results table similar to the one shown below.

The table below shows the number of transaction that took place from 2004-2009 for Alexandra, Athlone, and Belhar for plots with an erf size of less than 200m2.

Above the table is a "Download CSV File" button, click on this if you want to download the results.

compare area image 3